Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Glad I'm Me!

On April 1st, 2004, I started the Community Relations Manager job at NCsoft. Granted that April Fool’s Day is an appropriate time for me to start a new job, the important thing to note is that, at the time, we were less than a month from launching TWO major MMO’s – City of Heroes and Lineage II. Both were launched at midnight on April 28th, 2004.

Between trying to learn the ropes of a brand new job and trying to help out the community teams responsible for CoH and L2, I remember that month as being an extremely hectic one.

However, I think I’ve been utterly trumped.

A friend of mine JUST started her job as the Community Relations Director for Cartoon Network and, right off the bat, she gets to deal with something like this.

No matter how crazy my first month on the job at NCsoft might have been, I never had to worry about very serious men in very dark suits with very conspicuous bulges in the underarm area coming to visit me. For some very serious discussions.

Not to mention the media issues. I have an urge to hide under my desk just thinking about it…


At 11:46 PM, Blogger Steven said...

Heh, you just brought back a memory on my first day as a host at a restaurant. First phone call I got was a nightmare. Upon answering and asking how I could help the person on the line, an older gentlemen began bombarding me with a colorful array of insults and threats, blaming me of all people for supposedly lying to him, and having me know that he was going to report this to all the local newspapers. Not only did I not know what the hell he was talking about, but I pretty much crapped my pants thinking that I somehow had just cost my company its positive public image within my first few minutes on the job. Regardless, after he violently hung up on me after I tried apologizing and saying I had no clue what he was talking about, I told my boss and a few minutes later that man's daughter called to apologize for her "sick father."

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